Behringer iAXE393 USB Electric Guitar

Behringer iAXE393 USB Electric GuitarBuilt-in USB port to connect straight to your computer. Jam and record with included software modeling amps and stomp boxes.

ou have a great song in mind and want to record it straight to your PC. You want all your amps and effects in your workstation so you can jam like you’re in the studio or on stage. With the Behringer iAXE393 USB-Guitar you’re just a cable away. Click here for more info!

White Stat style, 3 pickups, 2 tones, 1 volume, and 5 way switch. It only comes in white with a maple neck and fig. board. USB direct to PC and a passive headphone jack! The USB feature is awesome for those without an Amp. It has a headphone jack, USB port and cable, 5 way switch, standard plug for amplifier, vintage bridge, volume tone, and the cheapest tuners I’ve ever seen on a guitar.

It comes with software with 5 programs. The usb output is nifty and the software is fun to play with, the other features have been covered in previous reviews. The neck is maple, body is white and made of an unknown wood, 3 single coil pickups… its just a average looking strat copy. Click here for more info!

First off, the neck was misaligned to the bridge. The E-1 string was just barely on the 22nd fret, while there was a good 5/16″ on the E-6 side. The volume control is scratchy. They should have invested another $15 to upgrade the machine heads. The fretboard was so unsealed and grainy, it took three really well worked-in coats of “Black Majic” wet shine liquid wax to seal and smooth out the board.

The recording software is brilliant, and the mentromone that is included with the software helps me with timing. It is like a strat was combined with a Behringer Modeling amp, making one of the best guitars i own to this day. Click here for more info!

This rating is based on playing the “393″ thru the NI Guitar Combo lll virtual amp. The guitar seems to have pretty much the same tonal qualities as my Squier Black & Chrome Standard Strat.

The strings that comes with it are absolute junk and it doesn’t sound that good with them on. This is a strange guitar, because it really does sound good when used with the software, then listen to it through headphones, or run the headphone jack to your tube amplifier. Click here for more info!

When you plug the guitar directly into your high quality amplifier it sounds quite poor. The pickups are very low output, very tinny. The bass is weak and the midrange isn’t too pleasant. But surprisingly through the computer, it corrects the tone. When changed the bridge pickup to help out the guitar’s tone. One thing to explain how this guitar operates: if you plug it into the computer, the sound does not come out of the computer speakers. The sound only comes out of the headphone jack. Click here for more info!

It’s an amazing guitar, and the features are awesome. Price is good if you have a budget. Check latest price.

Ease of Use:
Its easy to tune, and holds to it .Got great sound from it and the software was difficult at first, but then was easy. Plug and Play. If you plug it into an amp it’s easy. The software is easy enough.

It will work well in studio.

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